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Our Story

Unapologetically indulgent since 1959.

We’re named after an unapologetically bold original: Marie Nordquist, the owner of a quaint café named Marie’s in a corner of Seattle circa 1959. One day her chef, Harold Smith, pulled Marie aside to try a spoonful of a new blue cheese dressing he’d crafted. Marie approved and soon customers were lining up for crisp salads crowned with the creamy concoction. The dressing became so popular Marie’s café started bottling it for local retail sale.

Cut to now: Marie’s dressings are loved and enjoyed in every corner of America. Our Chunky Blue Cheese is still our claim to fame, although we’re always adding to our repertoire with new temptations—including dip options. At last count, we had over 25 different flavors to drizzle on your salads, to spoon into your favorite recipes or to dip your favorite snack into.

Just like in those early days, we’re dedicated to making our dressings and dips with real, premium ingredients. That’s why you’ll only find Marie’s dressings and dips in the refrigerated produce section of your local grocer.


Check out our Recipes section and get ready to toss, splash, marinate, dip and create! In the meantime, we’ll be in our kitchen crafting even more irresistibly indulgent, comfortingly creamy dressings and dips that inspire smiles and happy sighs from meal to meal and coast to coast.