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Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap

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Spinach Salad with Avocado Blueberry and Walnuts

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Melty Cheese And Tomato Sandwiches

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Some people simply enjoy Marie’s Dressings on top of their salads and live full, happy lives. But this Recipes section is for those who want more. Like a savory entrée. Or a game-day snack. Yes, it’s time to make something great — and then eat it!


Sure, these appetizers made with Marie’s Dressings will impress party guests, but they also make great snacks.

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Too obvious? Consider the fact that there are dozens of salad recipes right here at your fingertips. Clearly, we got creative. Now it’s your turn!

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Welcome to a host of tempting main courses inspired by our dressings, from grilled seafood to burgers to steaks, wraps and much, much more.

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Pies. Parfaits. Brownies. Repeat. Use these dessert recipes as a sweet jumping-off point for more Marie’s Glaze-inspired goodness.

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