Marinated Greek Beef Kabobs

Marinated Greek Beef Kabobs uses Marie’s Greek Vinaigrette.
Try Marie's Greek Vinaigrette dressing.
Made with Greek Vinaigrette

Marinated Greek Beef Kabobs

This delicious appetizer, made with Marie’s Greek Vinaigrette dressing, will leave your guests asking for more!

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    10 min. prep time
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    6 servings

image description Ingredients

1 lb flank steak (beef)

1 cup Marie’s Greek Vinaigrette dressing

1 large zip-lock plastic bag

12 wooden skewers, soaked in water

image description Directions

Slice flank steak in 1/4-inch thick strips. Place slices in zip-lock bag with 1/2 cup Marie’s Greek Vinaigrette dressing and seal. Chill for one hour or overnight. Remove flank steak from zip-lock and discard marinade. Thread soaked skewers through steak strips. Broil on high 2 to 3 minutes per side. Serve the satays hot with the other 1/2 cup Marie’s Greek Vinaigrette dressing as dipping sauce.

Tip: Have the butcher slice your flank steak at the store for you!

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